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Our Story

Blue Whale is more than just a meme. It is a brand, built on the principles that the majestic creature - the largest to ever roam the Earth - brings to life: a Force of Nature that is benevolent, patient, intelligent and creative.

Jason – Hphilosopher – J

Jason is literally living a dream - one that has led to the creation of Ajustco, a product development company that holds hundreds of patents and sells into thousands of hardware stores and construction sites worldwide.  He is also an active investor in crypto projects, dating back to 2017.  He was a board member for Cryptoface’s discord back in 2018-2019 during that second bear market.  He is one of the 5 core founding members.

Arman – Mando Hermes

Inventor, investor and hands-on entrepreneur, who has built and sold several companies. Arman runs the b.labs Venture Studio, where Blue Whale, Kidcoin, Basement Sports, Ajustco and other ventures were born.  He founded one of NYC's original digital agencies, Blueliner, back in 2001.


Dave has been a construction Foreman/Engineer for over 10 years.  He has been an avid crypto investor since 2017.  He and J have been in the same investments for years dating back to 2021.  Although they didn’t formally meet until Blue Whale was created.  Dave is one of the Blue Whale Captains and leads our admin efforts across all platforms.


Kaiyes turns ideas into tangible software products, from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and native apps, using react native, graphQL and Rust. He manages a team of software developers that has built Basement Sports and now, turns attention to game and NFT dev for Blue Whale.

Eduard Balaz

Eduard is a graphic designer and new media artist with a strong cross-media knowledge that merges art with information-based design in an innovative way. He has over 15 years of design experience in the Advertising Industry, and 20 years of artistic practice. He brings integrated design solutions that merge branding, UI/UX design, concept development, data visualization, and iconography.

Doris – Billi – Fortune

We love that this beautiful woman has a telegram name that is the same as our mascot Billi.  She has been a core admin along with Dave and Oppa since the very beginning of Blue Whale.  She has been an avid crypto investor for many years and currently works for a well known exchange Bitget.

Matt Hartke

Matt Hartke is a recording artist and platinum selling Billboard Top 40 songwriter. As a songwriter he has written for and has cuts with The Chainsmokers, Avicii, Max Martin, Adam Lambert, Tiesto, Kygo, Shellback, Cash Cash, and Matisyahu.  He joined the Blue Whale team as our very own platinum artist.  He will be producing music for the Blue Whale ecosystem.


Oppa has been on our admin team since Blue Whale was created.  He has been a great asset to the team managing order in our telegram and raiding twitter


Dorito is another core admin with us from the very beginning and has become our chief X raider.  When it comes to raiding there is no other that comes close.  Dorito is another OG in the crypto space and is a force to be reckoned with.

Killer Whale Admin

Killer has been in crypto since 2013.  A real OG in the space.   He has launched successful crypto projects and has been an investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum since the early days.  He is one of our core 5 founding members but remains anon for now.

Blue Dev

Blue Dev is one of our 2 core founding Devs who deployed the contract on Solana, burnt the liquidity and created the initial website.  He has been a developer in crypto for many years having created his own successful crypto projects in 2021 and coding for many well-known projects.  He is a core 5 founding member.

Humpback Dev

Humpback Dev has been working with Blue Dev for many years.  They are a great team and have worked on many successful crypto projects together.   He is proficient with many aspect so coding and development.  He is a core 5 founding member.


Zheh has been a serious crypto investor for many years.  He has been in some of the same circles and investors with other core team members and was asked to come aboard as an admin because of his wisdom and positive vibe


Travino has been in crypto since 2017 and has been a great addition to our admin team.  He is always in the chats speaking wisdom and bringing order to the ecosystem.  He remains anon for now.

Our Approach

BLUE WHALE is an idea, a brand - an umbrella for creative, inspirational projects, in the world of cryptocurrency & blockchain, as well as traditional tech, entertainment, media and brick & mortar.  Blue Whale Studios develops high-quality content that is educational and engaging, bringing authentic communication and opportunities to life, while always supporting our mission, to intelligently draw from and give back to Nature.

Anyone with pure intentions and aspirations can join our community, and enjoy this majestic journey with Blue Whale's mascot, Billy, and his friends.  Community members can join in on active projects, vote on creative direction, participate in weekly VCs (Voice or Video Chats) and attend live events hosted by leaders and creators among us.

Our Team

The Blue Whale team is a collective of thought leaders, entertainers, artists, marketers and technologists that is forming a community to collaborate on a number of projects - from music, to anime, to NFT collections to video games. Our core crew has raised millions of dollars in capital, built and sold companies and worked with some of the world's top brands.

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